Behind every complaint there is a deep personal longing.
— Dr. John Gottman


Do you have difficulty communicating with your partner? Do you find that your relationship has lost what made it special in the beginning? Are intimacy, understanding and enjoyment of each other difficult to hold onto?

Our relationships with others can give our lives meaning and purpose. They can give us feelings of connectedness and safety, but they can also give us pain and disappointment. I am familiar with the complex nature of issues that can negatively affect your relationship and future as a couple and have experience in working with couples who feel as though their relationship is in trouble.  If your relationship has been affected by communication issues, unresolvable conflict, infidelity, addiction, abuse or mental health issues, I can help you turn things around in the present for consistent changes in the future and re-establish the closeness and connection you once shared as a couple. I can help pinpoint what causes the relationship trouble spots as well as the strengths that hold you together.

I offer a variety of services in addition to couples counseling including assessments, intensives, workshops and groups. Please ask me more about these services as programs can be developed around your needs.

Client Feedback

"I'm really grateful, Julie’s analysis perfectly illuminated the pain points in our relationship and offered a clear path forward to addressing those issues."
-Therapy Client, Portland, OR

" Julie established a well-rounded perspective of our relationship and clarified our problematic areas allowing for a more focused treatment plan. The process also gave us the vocabulary to better address those issues, which was exactly what we were looking for."
-Therapy Client, Portland, OR